Thursday, May 27, 2010

Even Harry Potter Gets It


Unicorn Hooves!!

It's difficult not to look ahead to fall when you see 's Fall 2010 boot collection. Don't you just love this plush unicorn bootie?! Via Refinery29.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vintage & Stacked, I Love It Like That!

Circa 1940's (one of my favorite periods for shoes), a killer pair of two-tone (shades of born canvas and leather) peep-toe pumps with stacked leather heels and bows. Just look, dreamily, at the details... *sigh*

Seller adds the following info:

made for George P. Estes Co, a historical department store in Gainsville GA. Left shoe insole reads "Fanchon, Wonderful Shoes for Wonderful Girls"!



I'm so excited! Let me calm down a bit so I can make a somewhat intelligent post...



OK, so remember when I showed you these awesomely sexy shoes? Well, today I am one step closer to more information about them!

I found this fabulous photo (that's a link to Pinkie's kinky blog, so the prudish ought be careful when they click!)...

And while that imagery would have been a delicious enough find, it seems that the lovely ankle-cuffed Ballerina photo was taken by the same photographer as the original red & black shoes I covet!

And the photographer has tons more sexy shoe photos! Like this montage of 2007 fetish footwear by David Lynch for Christian Louboutin:

Heavens, someone get me the smelling salts!

Now, before I go and faint, I have to warn you about something. Unfortunately the photographer has embedded music into her blog which plays until you turn it off. (Yuck.) So, if you're trying to sneak a peek at work, turn your speakers off before you click the link; then you may safely scroll about half-way down the page to find the player on the right side of the blog and silence it.

And you should probably have your smelling salts nearby.

OK, ready? Set? Click and enjoy the insanely wonderful Sofia Karla's scrapbook!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What My Home Library Would Look Like

My dream library comes complete with 24-hour on-call foot masseuse. Now that would greatly enhance my reading and relaxation hours. In fact, I think all public libraries should have such services -- attendance and funding would increase dramatically.


What The Heel Is Going On With These Snake-Heeled Shoes?

In the dead of winter last year, the shoe world was all a light with the search for the incredible Gianmarco Lorenzi's pumps with the Swarovski snakes on the heels -- mainly because other than one eBay auction (long gone, girls!), there's only photographic evidence of them.

Hearts everywhere were broken.

As if being unable to find those sexy pumps wasn't enough frustration, recently, on Tumblr, another version has surfaced. I have no idea just how long ago this photo was taken (this was as close to the original source as I could get), but notice the red soles on these black pumps with silver snakes or pythons wrapped around the heels -- isn't that Christian Louboutin's signature?

Christian zealously guards his trademark red soles (originally created spontaneously with red nail polish); I'd imagine Gianmarco would protect his crystal snake heel design too. So what the hell is up with these black pumps with the snakes on the heels and red soles? Were these fakes? Knock-offs designed to pass themselves off as both or either designer's work that were confiscated or otherwise prevented from hitting the marketplace? ...You can't say someone just personalized their own pair by applying red nail enamel to the soles -- the lining is red too.

I'm not saying I'd buy the malicious high heels -- even though on my meager salary I can't afford the real things. Heck, I can't even find a place selling any version. But a dreaming shoe-loving girl wants to know the truth.


Tsk Tsk

I love these mod black and clear slingbacks (authentic 1960s!), but I'd seriously have fixed that chipped toenail polish before taking that photograph.


Hey, Flatfoot

Retro Dick Tracy film flats.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Mull Over Mulberry?

Vintage leather pumps in a tasty mulberry shade (a color tarts like me can't resist!) and a large faux pearl accent in the bow -- if they're in your size, what's there to think about? Seriously, there's nothing to think about. Buy 'em. By Fashion Guild, circa 1960s.


Playing Dress Up

Buy it here; find out more here.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Called "Tailgate" For A Reason

The Guess Tailgate Black Platform Sandal is so sexy, you'll have everyone riding too close behind you. (Or maybe you like 'em that close? *wink*)


For Purple Satin's Majesty

Stunning vintage purple satin pumps that make a girl go ga-ga. Honestly, I might be too weak to wear heels just looking at these! Circa 1950s; by Del Grande, "The Finest Shoes That Women Can Wear" Vanity Customode Shoes.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

1930s Tuxedo-Front Peeptoes

The vamp on these vintage kid leather shoes reminds me of a tuxedo -- I'd be so tempted to wind a black satin ribbon around my ankles and make a bow...

Maker: Dr. Locke Shoes designed approved by Dr. W. Locke No 10 Made in USA 1627 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Circa 1930s.


The Things I'd Do For (Foot) Love

OK, I know you don't normally think of wearing suede in summer, but I just can't help but think of the delightful little sunburn spots your tootsies would likely get from the tiny cut-out window on the top of these vintage Palter DeLiso pumps...

Those sunburn spots would itch something awful -- and I'd get to pout my wait into a mice soothing foot massage with lotion *wink*


Give 'Em The Boot At The Door

I love this big mustard colored vintage ceramic Victorian boot! It should stand in the hallway at my apartment door.


I Need These Shoes!

Anyone know anything about them? ...I hate it when people show me stuff I can't find.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Pretty Pretty!

Handmade beautiful Saleem Shahi Shoes, Hyderi Bazar, Karachi, Pakistan.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Sort Of Have To Love It For It's Honesty

Moschino Cheap & Chic is so honest about it's cheap chic style, that you sort of have to love it. It's not only a 4 inch high turquoise patent leather wedge, but it's got three two-tone hearts (with contrasting, eye-popping, red, yet!) on the t-stap.

Since the sale was found via my personalized Shop It To Me Sale Mail, I guess that means there's a bit of Trailer Trash in me, just dying to get out. ...Ah well, isn't there a bit of trailer trash girl in us all? *wink*


Monday, May 17, 2010

I Love Strappy Gladiator Sandals

But not flat gladiator sandals -- you know I have to have the heels. I don't want the hard cold warrior fashion look, like I stepped out of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick, either. I want to look more like some exotic female warrior on the original Star Trek series. Wait -- a quick Google search tells me that even Star Trek went for the flat gladiator on the women. *sigh*

OK, then I want shoes that look like the way I remember Star Trek babes, OK? Knee-high, with heels, damnit!

That's why I love love love my black gladiator sandals with chunky heels. And, I don't mind telling you, that this is one time I don't wear stockings or hose; I love the feel of the knee-high straps winding their way around my legs! (PS I have more photos of me in these high-heels available at NiteFlirt, should you just need to see more of them *wink*)


Friday, May 14, 2010

Peep-Toes, But No Pump - No Sale?

In my Sale Mail,word that the Kimchi Blue T-Strap Peeptoe Skimmer is on sale ($9.99) -- but I just can't decide... It's got a t-strap and peep toes, but no heel. Flats are supposed to be comfortable and practical, but I want -- I need -- a heel!


Frilly Feet!

Valentino Sculpture Lace Pumps are like lacy black lingerie for your feet!


Identification is Not A Shoe In

Sometimes the continual "new shoes" each season is dizzying. It's not just that a girl's head swims with desire, but it's near impossible to identify the shoes you have. Yes, you can save the boxes... But I often buy vintage shoes -- and get my designer shoes at the resale shop -- and neither typically comes with the original box. If there are numbers and/or a name inside, they are no longer legible.

Case in point, I'm trying to properly identify a pair of shoes a friend is wearing in a photo; and I'm not doing so well...

It's like falling love with a guy you spot on the street. *sigh*


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting High On Shoe Links

Just some shoe links for shoe lovers...

1. I love this photo, circa Spring 2009, of high chair high heel shoes. I can't find the origins; I found it here, they credit here, and after that the trail, fuzzy or not, starts to become just a replicated regurgitation without any real source information. Such is my life. *sigh*

2. I'm not really into the vegan thing. Shoot me if you want to (but then you'd be responsible for the slaughter of an animal!), but I'm more concerned with the bigger picture stuff. Not that I'll get all into that here. Anyway, if you are into vegan shoes and you're a bride, or just love white shoes, check out this post.

3. If a real shoe fetish has you saying, "What the heel??!" then don't click this link to my naughtier shoe fetish blog about shoe vibrators. Feel free to go ahead and judge me. I don't really care -- cuz me & my shoes, we got a thing goin' on. :p


How I Wish I Woke Up In The Morning

Or looked before I went to bed. Either way would be fine. Both ways would be awesome!


Bohemian BeBe

Lovin' the wild casual sexy style of bebe's Scarlett Printed Scarf Sandal!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Liz Taylor Plays Peek-A-Boo With Her Peep-Toes

She must think such a skimpy sandal is sandalous, err-- scandalous because she'll only let us see one! The other she keeps tucked away from prying eyes...


Do You Know What Season It Is?

It's Spring-o-lator season, dolls!

Though I believe that vintage Springolator shoes from the 50's are as seasonless as they are timeless, nows the time to think sexy, snappy, Springolators!

How fabulous is this atomic pastel set -- a handbag and matching mules? Answer: On the Fabulous Scale it's To. Die. For.

The shoes are by Ted Land of Palm Springs; the purse is by Film Star Creations Of Hollywood.

For more on Spring-o-lators, check out creator and designer Beth Levine and this post at ShoeBlog.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pedicure Required

I have the pedicure (pretty sparkling pink for spring!), now I just need (and I do mean NEED) these vintage clear and black peeptoe heels. These vintage shoes make flashing in public acceptable -- but no less thrilling *wink*


Giving Thanks

This blog was inspired in part by the incredible lingerie blog, A Slip of a Girl.

Shoe Lust Makes Me Do It

This literate librarian exercises her creativity & eroticism over the phone at NiteFlirt -- hoping to get a little help with the book, shoe, & lingerie bills along the way.

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