Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Naughty Monkey Sugar Daddy Pumps

I love the name of this shoe, "Naughty Monkey Sugar Daddy," as much as I do the shoe! (Also now 25% off, via Shop It To Me.)


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jaw Dropping, Cherry Popping

Such are the powers of the Guess Dabbling sandal in red patent. Now on sale *evil eyebrow wiggle*


More Roadside Assistance

Passenger Annette Funicello dangles her sandaled foot outside of the car; the universal signal for "turn here, baby."


Coming To Whose Rescue?

At first glance I thought she had a flat -- as in she broke her heel -- and he was coming to her rescue. But I think she's just "accidentally" lost her shoe so she can torture him by playing with it (and show-off her RHT stockings). I know I do that *wink*

Image, as you can see, is from Glamour Gurlz.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Hidden Platform Pumps

These leopard print pumps have a hidden platform & peep-toes!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Black Metal Shoe And Purse Wall Art

@ ebay


I'm Seriously Thinking Of Wearing My Stockings Like This

Black silk stockings (not nylon) rolled past my knees, with black high heels and an ivory girlie dress -- just like in this vintage photograph by Charles Gates Sheldon. (The seller says the photo may have been used for advertising for La Vogue lingerie or Fox Shoes.)


Black Suede Sandal Caresses In The Morning

Best thing in today's Sale Mail: the Colonial Madness by LD Tuttle Suede Sandal is on sale at Urban Outfitters.


Who Am I To Argue?

Shoe Civilisation says:

The Real masters of the galaxy are shoes.

Due to constantly being manipulated into caring for these small creatures interminably inserting our feet into their wombs, taking them to see places, exercising them, massaging them and caring for them. They love it. They can't get enough, and if long enough passes without our caressing them, they act. Why else do you think your shoelaces untie themselves? It's just to get attention. If they've been neglected their revenge can be horrible.

Art yourmom628 at Flickr.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Real Corker!

Penthouse Shoes cork wedge pump with tattoo embroidery -- embroidered right on the cork! On sale too! (I dig them in black and the patent, but I think the leopard print distracts from the heels.)


Cat's Paw - For Style & Comfort

This vintage advertising piece for Cat's Paw non-slip thin heels features Elyse Knox from 1949's There's a Girl in My Heart.


Friday, September 25, 2009

1, 2 Buckle My Shoe

Ah, make that one to two hundred with these vintage art deco rhinestone shoe buckles.


A Good Plaid Is Hard To Find

A good plaid, especially a plaid shoe, is hard to find; it's nearly as hard to find as a well-heeled man (of either definition, actually). So can you imagine a plaid shoe created to match a plaid skirt?! Heavens! Although, for now, we shall likely just have to contend ourselves with the photographic print: Model Showing Off Best and Company's Plaid Drawstring Shoes Which Match the Skirt Photographic Poster Print by Nina Leen.


Seeing Spots

Right after I blogged Tuesday, boasting of my days off & excitement to blog, I managed to get just one errand done before my cell rang; it was my manager pleading with me to help cover more shifts. Flu season has officially hit. *sigh* This also meant I had to go to work in flats! Arg!

Anyway, I'm off work now *knocks wood* and I've got to show you these fabulous leopard print Topshop wedge booties Taghrid Chaaban was wearing during Fashion Week! (The boots are called "Ashish" and only seem available in the UK. Rats!)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Socks & Shoes

After several days of covering shifts for stupid employees who quit by simply not showing up for their shifts, I am enjoying some comfy socks and shoes. When I return from my errand-running, I shall enjoy my two days off by bombarding you with a plethora of postings about shoes. *wink*


Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweet & Sexy Lace-Up Boots

High-heeled, knee-high, black patent leather boots with pink ribbon corset-style laces.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best Foot Forward, Sure; But...

A lot can be said for a lingering look from the stair as you leave... Your foot, ankle -- maybe a bit of leg -- elevated, giving their own come-hither invitations... You're leaving them wanting more. Just like Lauren Bacall, here in Designing Woman.


No Poetic License; Fines Instead

Maybe a girl who drinks a few beers after work and then writes & posts poetry about shoes shouldn't talk about the sinful taking of poetic license with shoes, but someone has to say it: Poetic License shoes are ugly. This one is called "Fairytales" -- but it's more like the Brothers' Grimm variety. *shudder*

It's like kids gluing together the scraps from other shoemakers... Where's the grace? The beauty? Poetic License should have their shoe-making license revoked and pay heavy fines.


Red Slippers

Red Slippers
by Amy Lowell

Red slippers in a shop-window; and outside in the street, flaws of gray, windy sleet!

Behind the polished glass the slippers hang in long threads of red, festooning from the ceiling like stalactites of blood, flooding the eyes of passers-by with dripping color, jamming their crimson reflections against the windows of cabs and tram-cars, screaming their claret and salmon into the teeth of the sleet, plopping their little round maroon lights upon the tops of umbrellas.

The row of white, sparkling shop-fronts is gashed and bleeding, it bleeds red slippers. They spout under the electric light, fluid and fluctuating, a hot rain—and freeze again to red slippers, myriadly multiplied in the mirror side of the window.

They balance upon arched insteps like springing bridges of crimson lacquer; they swing up over curved heels like whirling tanagers sucked in a wind-pocket; they flatten out, heelless, like July ponds, flared and burnished by red rockets.

Snap, snap, they are cracker sparks of scarlet in the white, monotonous block of shops.

They plunge the clangor of billions of vermilion trumpets into the crowd outside, and echo in faint rose over the pavement.

People hurry by, for these are only shoes, and in a window farther down is a big lotus bud of cardboard, whose petals open every few minutes and reveal a wax doll, with staring bead eyes and flaxen hair, lolling awkwardly in its flower chair.

One has often seen shoes, but whoever saw a cardboard lotus bud before?

The flaws of gray, windy sleet beat on the shop-window where there are only red slippers.


Cage Me, Please!

I'm absolutely wild for this 'Michelle' caged high-heel sandal -- and it's nearly half-price! It was $160; now just $89.99. (Via Shop It To Me Sale Mail.)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's A Mod Mod World

I love these 1960s red & black shoes! Too bad they aren't in my size. *heavy sigh*


Just Like Bratz Doll Shoes

Not only do these black suede rhinestone wedge platforms look just like something a Bratz doll would wear wear, but they even have feet in them! I'm not sure that if I were selling shoes online that I'd use feet forms to model the shoes; it's disembodied creepiness.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brooksie's Tootsies

This still from Pandora's Box generally elicits one of two responses...

The mad joy of fabulous shoes.


the way I would enter my apartment after work, willing to do anything to get off my feet.

Or maybe it's the mad joy which leads to the aching... Oh, whatever *wink*


There's A Word For People Like Us

Being a librarian & a bookseller, I spend hours on my feet; being a shoe lover, I still must wear my high heels.

The result is sore feet -- feet that need to be pampered. (When someone else pampers my feet, it's even better!) Having pampered feet makes me feel prettier, fancier, more feminine -- and that means more sexy (and less comfortable) shoes. It's a vicious cycle.

And I adore it.

If this sounds like you, there's a word for people like us; we're fetishists.

A person with a fetish is said to experience sexual arousal in response to any nonsexual object, to any nonsexual practice, or to any non-genital body part; certainly many would conclude that as feet are non-genital body parts, the sexualization of all things feet -- from shoes & stockings to massages -- is fetishistic.

Being an inquisitive & intelligent "bookish girl," I've explored the connections between feet, shoes, and sexuality (my own personal connections, as well as research and studies) and I've discovered my pathos is not so strange after all.

Being a foot (or shoe) fetishist isn't "crazy" or necessarily due to some childhood abuse or trauma; there's a natural connection between feet and sex in our brains, which means our foot fetishes may literally be "all in our heads" but not in that delusional or "bad" way.

In Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind (1998), neurobiologist V. S. Ramachandran cites several cases of men and women who experience pleasurable sensation, including orgasm, in their phantom foot during sex; which prompts the author to state (p. 36-37) that, "The genitals are right next to the foot in the body's brain maps," and further speculate that this fact may account for foot fetishes.

While what Ramachadran wrote about is true, it's a scientific rediscovery -- or, if you prefer, supportive evidence of earlier research. In the 1930's, Dr. Wilder Penfield mapped out the areas of cerebral cortex involved in both sensation and motor activity by stimulating, in patients under local anesthsia, these areas of the brain electrically. His early sketches, drawn by Mrs. H. P. Cantlie, are called Penfield's Homunculus, or, more specifically, the sensory homunculus (A) and the motor homunculus (B).

It is on the sensory homunculus that we find "genitals" on the brain map -- right by the feet. (The absence of the sex organs on the motor homunculus is a clue that one does not control one's genitalia in the same sense that they can opt to get up and walk; one does not simply control a sexual response or "motor through" sex. This, however, does not preclude a person from exercising mental control over their actions. Rape is a choice -- a series of choices -- on behalf of the violent, who use far more than penis in their attack.)

Penfield's sensory homunculus is more than diagram of sensory locations, but the illustrations along the outside also give visual representation to the sensory intensity. The more sensory neurons parts of the body have, the larger those parts of the body are depicted; hence the "distortions," including (no surprise here!) that of the sex organs.

Connections between foot & brain have long been supported by practitioners of alternative (Eastern) medicines such as reflexology (and, sadly, manipulated by the practice of footbinding: "According to Chinese connoisseurs of the golden lotus, the mincing walk necessitated by the bound foot contributed to creating a more voluptuous and sensitive sexual anatomy"); but such modern scientific (i.e Western) proof of the actual relationships between brain, foot, and eroticism are more reassuring, if not actually understood. Perhaps we might even need to remove "foot" from the list of fetishes...

In any case, if you love the way shoes make you tootsies feel, you are not alone, you are not a deviant, you are not damaged. You are relatively normal; "normal" being defined by relativity, after all.

I hope this doesn't remove the thrill for you -- I know many people like to feel their fetishes are taboo!

Penfield's Homunculus image via Don Ranney's Where in the Brain is the Mind?

PS For those of you haven't yet fallen asleep and are aroused by the science of sex, you might want to also see The Neurocritic's A New Clitoral Homunculus?


Shoe Me Your Wrist!

Shoe slide show bracelet -- or slide shoe show bracelet? Whatever you call it, it's fab!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Tread Lightly

I shouldn't absorb alcohol and post poetry, but...

Tread Lightly

From the heights of a shoe's high heel
my own heel balances
along with its mirrored mate.
Raising self & spirits up --
a Gothic thrust of spire-spine
towards the heavens
from which I surely originate.

From the heights of a shoe's high heel
my own heel drives
not down, but curved,
the swell of meat-arch -- a flesh precipice
majestically pouting its precocious placement
(the weight of the world)
on dainty toes.

From the heights of a shoe's high heel
my own heel balances...
Precarious proof of position
consummate acquisition; slight of foot.
No drunken tipsy stagger;
a giddy glide, a delicate detour.
The sideways drift of a cat.

From the heights of a shoe's high heel
I stand, elated & elevated
upon my soap box.
Delicious duplicitous platform pair --
the elegant distraction for their (former) disdain;
eloquence is all that remains.
I stride Trojan horses.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Generosa Heel

Via my Sale Mail alert, I found out that Revolve has Betsey Johnson's Generosa pump on sale, $80 off -- just $120 now. I love the heel. It means business, mister! (Such a contrast to the near doily insert!)


My Fancy Red Patent Shoes

Every now & then, I let the girls from work talk me into going out for a beer; tonight was one of those nights. I mostly sat alone in the loud bar, watching the other girls' purses while they mingled & danced and talked loudly, my tired feet resting on the top of another bar stool. I kept one eye on the purses, the other admiring my pretty red patent t-strap shoes, until most of the girls paired-up and I was finally allowed to leave without too much up-roar.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Wish I Could...

Still order from the Joe Gardiner Ltd. 1942 Summer offerings -- 1940's shoes always seem to have the perfect blend of form & function. Shoes you'd die for, not die wearing, ya know?

Via Gold Stars For Tulip at Flickr.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Corset Style High Heels

Nearly 6 inch heels with red laces! Lace me in already!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Know You Love Shoes When...

Taking your shoes for a walk means taking more than one pair along.

Via Stolen w-heels at Flickr.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flapper Lounging In Lingerie, Rolled Stockings, & Shoes

I suppose you should know that I'm a history geek too, so I adored reading Rolled Stockings, Bees Knees, And All That Jazz, a post all about flappers & their stockings.


Blue Suede Booties, Baby

The Mallory Suede Bootie by Lela Rose for Payless is a stunning cobalt -- I wonder if the suede is as soft to touch as I dream it is...


Saturday, September 5, 2009

If The Shoe Fits...

Wear it; if not, horn it on it. And if you really need help, use a whip too.

From Philippe Di Méo’s collection of erotic tableware Super fin, via.



Tomorrow is my day off; I think I'll lay around, enjoying my shoes.

Via Susanlenox at Flickr.


Boy Are My Feet Dragon...

Dragon shoe by ~HOMELYVILLAIN, captures my relationship with shoes; fierce, sexy, probably painful... But who can resist?

On the other hand, or foot, dragons also speak to my relationships with men: incredible, hot, fantasy creatures, but I shouldn't want to live with one.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Would You Like To Be A Naughty Monkey?

I would. I love Naughty Monkey shoes, especially when the naughty monkey has knotty leather too, like the Clydsdale Sandal. Thanks to Shop It To Me's Sale Mails, I found out the Clydsdale Sandal is on sale at Nordstom's for 40% off -- that's less than $50. With a price like that, I'm fit to be tied.


I Read Banned Books

You too? Get a button!


Promote With Poor Pee Pose?

I like these vintage Armano peep-toe shoes just fine -- it's the placement of the shoes which disturbs me... An awkward "I've got to pee" pose.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

All That Silky Hose Leads To... Shoes!

Via NY Public Library.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome To Shoe Fits

Ladies, if you love the way shoes make you feel...

Gentlemen, if you love the way her shoes make you feel...

If high heels make your spirits soar past those measurable inches; if flirty sandals make your heart flutter; if you believe in the power of shoes more than power suits; if the phenomenon of playing with, paying for, and even just window shopping for shoes is more potent than any drug; then you probably understand my love affair with shoes. Even when those stunning shoes aren't always the most practical footwear to wear when you're standing all day.

That's pretty much what this blog is all about: shoes, shoe shopping, and my relationship with shoes.

In my soul searching while sole searching, I'll lightly tread where few other shoe bloggers dare to go... Into the eroticism of shoes. I'll keep things relatively clean here at Shoe Fits; but if you're a real shoe fetishist (whether you recognize it now or not), you'll likely appreciate my cheeky tone. (If you're looking for more fanciful shoe and foot fetishism, please check out The Pump and Grind.)

In any case, you are welcome to Shoe Fits!


PS Men, maybe such feminine finery is made for her, but if you you feel compelled to prime your pump by putting on the pumps, well, this blog welcomes you too.


Giving Thanks

This blog was inspired in part by the incredible lingerie blog, A Slip of a Girl.

Shoe Lust Makes Me Do It

This literate librarian exercises her creativity & eroticism over the phone at NiteFlirt -- hoping to get a little help with the book, shoe, & lingerie bills along the way.

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