Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm so excited! Let me calm down a bit so I can make a somewhat intelligent post...



OK, so remember when I showed you these awesomely sexy shoes? Well, today I am one step closer to more information about them!

I found this fabulous photo (that's a link to Pinkie's kinky blog, so the prudish ought be careful when they click!)...

And while that imagery would have been a delicious enough find, it seems that the lovely ankle-cuffed Ballerina photo was taken by the same photographer as the original red & black shoes I covet!

And the photographer has tons more sexy shoe photos! Like this montage of 2007 fetish footwear by David Lynch for Christian Louboutin:

Heavens, someone get me the smelling salts!

Now, before I go and faint, I have to warn you about something. Unfortunately the photographer has embedded music into her blog which plays until you turn it off. (Yuck.) So, if you're trying to sneak a peek at work, turn your speakers off before you click the link; then you may safely scroll about half-way down the page to find the player on the right side of the blog and silence it.

And you should probably have your smelling salts nearby.

OK, ready? Set? Click and enjoy the insanely wonderful Sofia Karla's scrapbook!


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