Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How To Select Footwear To Flatter Your Feet & Legs (Vintage Tips)

From On Your Feet, an article in the November 1953 issue of Silhouette, some tips on using heel height and shoe decorations to flatter your feet and legs:

When you buy footwear, be sure the heel heights and decoration are in proportion to your foot and leg. Vertical lines, like T-straps, are slenderizing. So if your feet are broad, it is best to leave ankle straps to those with slim ankles.

V-shaped vamps and toes were designed especially with broad feet in mind. And it follows, of course, that the long foot will be flattered by short vamps.

Color is the real master of illusion in shoes as in everything else. White and pastels are for those with pretty, well-shaped feet. If you want your feet to appear smaller, always select dark shoes. Color contrasts, however, are often manipulated so cleverly that they give a foreshortened effect.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Chevron Tights Sale

Sheer black nylon tights knit with a chevron pattern on sale for just $6.99 a pair; via Shop It To Me.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Pumping Away On Your Bike

As many of my regular callers (and fans) know, I am an avid bike rider. Whenever the weather makes it feasible, I take my old vintage bike out of the shed and ride it everywhere -- to work at the library, to the farmer's market, to the bookstore, to go shoe-shopping at the mall. And, as all of you know, I do love my high heels -- however...

I am not as die-hard with the heels when riding my bike as stylist Catherine Baba who rides her bike to all the Paris shows. Nosiree, my heels remain safely wrapped in my bike basket, anklet socks over my sheer hose -- over which I wear sneakers (sometimes loafers). But then I can't afford to replace my shoes & stockings as often as she can.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bloody Heel!

If you think heels are murder on your feet... blood splattered white high heel pumps.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Floating On Air

These Badgley Mischka 'Owen' pumps are lovely -- from stiletto heel to pearls perched right above your peeping toes. But I adore the hidden platform which makes you look as if your foot is floating on air...


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Because The "POW" Of Fuchsia Is Hot

If the fuchsia of these Betsey Johnson boots brightens this place up, just think what a pair can do for your day!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Like A Slinky On Your Ankle!

The leather sraps on bebe's 'Jealous' sandal remind me of slinkies! I hope that means I won't end up tangled at the bottom of the stairs lol Sale found via Shop it To Me.


Antique Fetish Boots

My apologies if all the black shoes, boots and stockings is annoying -- but I do love black *wink* And besides, why wouldn't you want to learn some fashion history? This pair of stunning thigh high boots were commissioned (as "strapped sandals") by Anna Held (of Ziegfeld fame) in 1902!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Betsey Johnson Touches You With 'Itsy' Bits Of Lace

Betsey Johnson's 'Itsy' Pump, now on sale.


House Of Harlow 1960 Sale

Nicole Richie's shoe range, House Of Harlow 1960, is on sale at Gilt Groupe! (That means these shoes will fly-by, so get there fast!)

house of harlow 1960 black booties


Giving Thanks

This blog was inspired in part by the incredible lingerie blog, A Slip of a Girl.

Shoe Lust Makes Me Do It

This literate librarian exercises her creativity & eroticism over the phone at NiteFlirt -- hoping to get a little help with the book, shoe, & lingerie bills along the way.

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