Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting High On Shoe Links

Just some shoe links for shoe lovers...

1. I love this photo, circa Spring 2009, of high chair high heel shoes. I can't find the origins; I found it here, they credit here, and after that the trail, fuzzy or not, starts to become just a replicated regurgitation without any real source information. Such is my life. *sigh*

2. I'm not really into the vegan thing. Shoot me if you want to (but then you'd be responsible for the slaughter of an animal!), but I'm more concerned with the bigger picture stuff. Not that I'll get all into that here. Anyway, if you are into vegan shoes and you're a bride, or just love white shoes, check out this post.

3. If a real shoe fetish has you saying, "What the heel??!" then don't click this link to my naughtier shoe fetish blog about shoe vibrators. Feel free to go ahead and judge me. I don't really care -- cuz me & my shoes, we got a thing goin' on. :p


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