Friday, February 10, 2012

I'll Spend The Rest Of My Day Pouting

It sucks when your job gets in the way of your shoe shopping. It's bad enough the small paycheck does -- but when working means you miss an online shoe sale, well, tears are in my eyes. *sniffle* This shoe was sold out before I could even open my Sale Mail! "So Haute, It's Sold Out" indeed. *pout* But at $29.70 what can you expect? It was $99! Damn jobs keep getting in my way.


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Giving Thanks

This blog was inspired in part by the incredible lingerie blog, A Slip of a Girl.

Shoe Lust Makes Me Do It

This literate librarian exercises her creativity & eroticism over the phone at NiteFlirt -- hoping to get a little help with the book, shoe, & lingerie bills along the way.

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