Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Like Christmas!

It's like Christmas up in here!

This is how I do the stocking hanging -- but I do that several times a week. *wink*

I'll try to make it a bit more holiday-esque...

The stockings were hung in the bathroom with care
With hopes that they wouldn't need too much repair...

Because momma's saved all her pennies for shoes! (What a surprise, right?)

It's not that I dislike my stockings (you know that's not true!), but I've been waiting all season for the sale on shoes at Macy's!

It's time to make sure I'm well shod for parties this season (all my work parties happen after the new year) and for the rest of the winter season... Maybe a few sandals for spring. Well, some shoes don't really have a "season" do the? Sexy is sexy no matter what the time of year.

And I'm taking advantage of the sale to get me all the sexy shoes a shy but still oh so sexy librarian can afford. (Shoes are me at my exhibitionistic finest!)

I wait all year for this sale. (Why wait on Santa when a girl can make her own dreams come true? Plus, I think I'm on his naughty list lol What do you think? Am I too naughty for the gift of shoes?)

I need these

And these

And oh yes, these!

Another pair of booties -- in red -- isn't too much, is it?

I'm simply giddy, can you tell? How about you tell me which shoes you'd get?

UPDATE: If you missed that sale and you've got holiday cash, check out the fantastic women's boots sale at Macy's!


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