Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OMG, These Shoes Were Soooo Hard To Find!

This picture was floating around on Twitter (by the way, are you following me there?), and naturally, I was smitten.

I found what I think is the original post of the photo here too; but no one provided a link to buy the shoes -- or even gave the proper name of the shoes. Ooooh, the agony!

Searches led to the very sexy Dior Garter-Belt d'Orsay Mary Jane, but it's in black and I was dreaming of those pale peach creations to cradle my feet and show off my legs...

Eventually, I found them: satin 'Dior Cabine' platform pumps. Dior calls the color "pink," but it sure appears to be a warm tinted ivory that I would call peach. And my feet would love to call them home.

Now that I found them, I can't afford them. So why-O-why do I do this to myself?

PS A "Tsk Tsk" to BlueFly for having that fleck of schmutz on the shoe (in the first photo).


SlipOfAGirl April 27, 2010 at 10:52 PM  

Kaudia, I'm with you -- both on the "too broke to buy, but too obsessed to stop" thing and on the annoyance with bloggers who don't link to the stores/sources or even properly identify the items.

I might be bitchy, but I believe many of these folks do this on purpose, forcing comments/emails for help, hoping their Google ads etc. will pay for the links, etc.

Personally, as a blogger, I feel it's my obligation to show, identify, credit, link directly as much as possible. (And if I get a few pennies from affiliates to do so, I consider it a tip for the troubles to do so.) After all, why show it if folks can't get it -- or even have a hope of finding it?

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